What is the number 1 tool brand?

As for the final figures, Makita (166 votes in total) is the best performer, followed by Milwaukee (15) and DeWalt (15), Milwaukee's power tools are the most sought after brand, with 13,500 searches per month. DeWalt (9,900) and Ridgid (7,700) follow him closely in second and third place.

What is the number 1 tool brand?

As for the final figures, Makita (166 votes in total) is the best performer, followed by Milwaukee (15) and DeWalt (15), Milwaukee's power tools are the most sought after brand, with 13,500 searches per month. DeWalt (9,900) and Ridgid (7,700) follow him closely in second and third place. Ryobi is the go-to brand for many homeowners, which can also be seen from the search volume (5,700). Probably the biggest surprise on the list is Hart (4,000), who is rapidly gaining popularity.

What is the best brand of power tools? The following is a list of the top power tool brands ranked by a combination of revenue and brand value. YOUR NUMBER ONE RESOURCE WEBSITE FOR POWER WOODWORKING TOOLS Dewalt is a trading tool and equipment company based in Pennsylvania, USA.

They are known for producing high-quality power tools and hand tools for construction, carpentry and home craftsmanship around the world.


Founded in 1924 by Raymond Dewalt, who is also the inventor of the radial arm saw, they have experienced tremendous growth in a short period of time. By 2001, they had already sold more than 200 types of hand and power tools and 800 accessories for power tools. Nowadays, many have labeled them as the original manufacturer of power tools because of their strong reputation. According to a recent study by Lifestory Research, Dewalt was identified as the most reliable American brand of power tools among DIY enthusiasts looking to buy a power tool.

With a wide range of power tools in its portfolio, Dewalt is known for its wired and cordless tools, such as Flexvolts, which come in 20 V, 60 V and 120 V; the Xtreme subcompact series of 12 V maximum; outdoor power equipment of 40 V maximum; and cordless drills of 18 V. In addition to that, they are also known for offering accessories, hand tools, equipment for outdoor activities, storage equipment &. As a well-known and trusted producer of heavy electrical tools and equipment, Milwaukee Tool is one of the top brands chosen by professional operators and DIY enthusiasts. Milwaukee is known for its corded and cordless tools for drilling, plumbing, electrical, fixing and carpentry, and also offers a reliable line of battery-powered tools.

What's also good is that your company has created a single-key solution that allows companies to efficiently maintain and manage all their battery-powered tools. Ridgid, under the original Ridge Tool Company brand, was founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio, by Carl Ingwer Sr. The brand manufactures more than 300 types of tools and its main product is plumbing equipment for the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Ridgid is also known for its cordless power tools, stationary and desktop tools, & pneumatic compressors, corded power tools, JobMax and tile saws.

Specifically, its line of cordless power tools consists of combination kits, cordless kits, basic tools, cordless lights, batteries and chargers. See my review of Ridgid Power Tools here. Following the Sears-Kmart merger, its tools were also available at Kmart stores and several other retailers. Craftsman was later acquired by Black & Decker.

Perfect for extended and occasional projects, carpentry, DIY and home repairs, Black & Decker is a trusted friend of many people because of its durability and energy efficiency that is sure to last for years. Before becoming a massive name, Black & Decker was founded by S. Decker in 1910 in a small portable electric drilling shop, from which the first portable power tool also emerged. After several years of hard work and excellence, the company was able to expand to what it is today.

Black & Decker is proud of its amazing line of products that includes traditional corded power tools and innovative cordless tools. The latter allows users, specifically homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, to carry out their projects using their most notable power tools, which are cordless portable drills, lithium hammers, grinders and screwdrivers. Porter-Cable is one of the leading American companies that has been manufacturing power tools since the 1900s. It was founded by R, E Porter, G, G.

Cable in 1905 in Syracuse, New York. In 1926, they began developing the “Take-About Sander”, a portable electric belt sander and a pair of portable power tools, and added them to their product line. The Porter-Cable brand is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker and is known for inventing the portable belt sander, the helically driven circular saw and the portable band saw. Today, Porter-Cable is proud to offer its customers several innovative products that highlight its line of portable power tools.

Its versatile wireless platform, ranging from a maximum of 20 V systems to metalworking tools and woodworking tools, will help you get the job done anytime, anywhere. Headquartered in Illinois, United States, Skil is a subsidiary of Chervon, a company based in China. They specialize in providing the perfect portable power tools for DIY consumers. Today, Skil is known for its many cordless power tools, including the versatile cordless electric sander, the cordless circular saw, the charger, the milling machine, the impact screwdriver, the orbital sander and the reciprocating saw.

Kobalt is an American brand known for its hand tools, electrical tools and storage boxes. In 1998, Lowe's and its business partner J, H created Kobalt. Williams will compete with competing brands: Sears, Craftsman, Husky and The Home Depot. Founded in Massachusetts, USA.

In the US, in 1896 by Thomas Briggs, Bostitch was mainly dedicated to industrial sewing machines. However, as the company continued to progress, it added power tools for industrial use. It was launched in Los Angeles, California, in 1983, with a single product line: hammers for frames. Today, its line of 20 V tools expands to power tools, garden tools, automotive and hand tools to cover all your DIY needs.

Milwaukee is easily one of the best brands of tools for automotive workers, electricians and HVAC technicians. They also offer competitive tools for professional contractors. This makes Milwaukee a leading brand for professional use. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee has been owned by many companies.

However, its quality is durable and reliable. Today, Milwaukee is owned by Techtronic Industries, a Japan-based company that owns other renowned tool brands such as Ryobi. DeWalt dates back to 1923, when the founder invented the radial arm saw. Since then, it has grown into a multinational company known for its reliable and powerful power tools.

The company was bought by Black+ Decker in 1960, which is the owner of the brand today. Although DeWalt has experienced some dark times, it changed its name in the 1990s, making it a leading brand for professionals. Offering both wired and wireless options, they became a necessity for many contractors. Not to mention that they sell a variety of other tool-related products, such as accessories or tool boxes.

In addition to its wide range, DeWalt offers FLEXVOLT technology. This battery allows the tool to change between 20 and 60 volts, offering much more power to almost any tool. Most likely, you will find Makita tools on professional construction sites or in workplaces. Their tools are incredibly reliable and durable, and come with a variety of pneumatic features.

Of course, these desired qualities make Makita a more expensive brand, but the added convenience and power make it worthwhile for professionals. Of the brands on this list, Bosch is one of the oldest. Founded in 1886 in Germany, Bosch is a favorite among both professionals and homeowners. Despite being owned by a charity, Bosch creates excellent tools that put quality before quantity.

Its construction, performance, quality and reliability are top notch to say the least. This allows them to be incredibly impressive. However, Bosch is one of the most expensive options, so it is mainly an option for professionals or semi-professionals. Just as some of the other brands led the way in the wireless revolution, Bosch was also a pioneer in early battery technology.

Their batteries are incredibly impressive and are more durable and durable than almost any other brand on the market. The last brand for professional use on our list is Ridgid. Ridgid is a brand that specifically caters to plumbing and HVAC professionals. Founded in 1923, Ridgid has long become one of the most successful pipe wrench brands, making its red faucet one of the best plumbing tools in the world.

Most operators or contractors will have a Ridgid tool in their facility. Although their power tools are limited, they are still very impressive. Its drills, its size and its impact actuators are especially remarkable. In addition, Ridgid offers one of the best warranties of all brands.

Its warranty is three years and it even comes with additional features that other brands don't offer. Without a doubt, the best brand of tools for homeowners is Ryobi. Ryobi is a company owned by Techtronic Industries, which is the same brand that owns Milwaukee, as mentioned above. However, unlike Milwaukee, Ryobi is definitely better for homeowners and semi-professionals because of its affordable price and lightweight design.

Founded in 1910, Black+ Decker is easily one of the most recognized brands, even for those who aren't well versed in power tools or home improvement. This is especially true because they invented the first electric drill in 1917 and produce many other items today. As you can see, DeWalt and Milwaukee are the two most sought after brands for professional use. We included Milwaukee as our number one choice because of its long durability and variety of offerings, even though DeWalt tends to do more searches online.

Makita and Ridgid are in the bottom two, allowing Bosch to come in third place as the most sought after brand in our range. In conclusion, do not buy power tools of any brand. Instead, select a power tool from a brand you can trust. For professional use, it is best to choose between Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch and Ridgid.

These five brands are very durable and efficient, but can be too expensive for personal use. As expected, Ryobi has an advantage over the competition; however, it's surprising to see how popular HART Tools has gained. It grew to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of affordable power tools for home and garden use. Like Kobalt, Husky Tools meets the needs of the professional consumer market with quality equipment that offers savings compared to major tool brands.

Milwaukee has always been a leading brand in power tools, and has recently moved to hand tools, workwear and storage. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is an American company that develops, manufactures and markets power tools. Although its products sometimes lack the latest innovations, WEN uses proven technologies and its power tools are always durable and reliable. The origin of Milwaukee Tools began in 1918, during the First World War, when Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was looking for someone who could make a portable electric drill.

While not the best option for heavy and constant use, Ryobi power tools are ideal for any DIY job. Although Bosch is much more expensive and of higher quality than other tools for homeowners, its products are great options for anyone who takes their projects seriously, including amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals. They have a variety of tools, but you might be more familiar with one of them, even if you don't know it's a Craftsman tool. The Ryobi Tools brand in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is licensed by Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong.

You can even see their inventions in the Versa System, which is an exclusive system used to store and organize tools. This saw laid the foundation for Skil to be known for decades as “the saw company”, although the range now includes many different tools. The ranges and capacities of power tools from different brands can be very different, while other companies seem to have similar tools. Thanks to the brand's innovative batteries and technology, Bosch has an impressive range of cordless tools.

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